April Rainfall

I checked the rain gauge at 7pm. It read 1and 1/3 inch and I think it’s just gearing up. Finally a measurable quantity of rainfall in the month of April!  Three weeks into the month of April and we had less than an inch of rain. So far it’s been great for working the fields without the normal Spring worry of having soil turning work to do but really having too wet conditions to deal with.
We hustled unbelievably this past week rototilling in anticipation of planting potatoes and laying plastic for the soon to be planted summer squash and cucumbers. With the help of some wonderful volunteers from the Chester County Food Bank and our own workshare members we cut up more than 600 lbs of seed potatoes and between Friday and Sat. got them all planted! Thursday we layed a number of rows of plastic. Amidst potato planting we then managed to haul and spread about ten loads of the semi-decomposed leaf mulch that we use to keep weeds down between the rows of plastic. These were all essential tasks to do before the rain. Everyone is pretty tired but satisfied to get the job done! Now it can rain and get those potatoes [and other plantings] off to a good start. Hopefully it won’t rain so hard that it washes any of the plantings out and the sun comes out tomorrow. Isn’t there  a song  that goes something like that?
Farmer Karen