December Already?

We’re heading into our 4th week now since our CSA program wrapped up. It was a bit of hubbub at the last pick up time due to hurricane Sandy. We needed to change some of the pick up dates due to the storm but overall got off with light damage. A 40 foot blue spruce tree fell very narrowly missing the farm house. It pulled down our phone/cable connection but thankfully not the elect.line. We did loose electric service for about 12 hours but that was due to a general outage in the area. Our row crop covers were badly torn[as I had expected] but the good news was the chicken house didn’t dump over. We tried to position it strategically so it would have minimal damage and definitely had the stabilizing/support riggers in place with the knowledge that we might get pummeled by high winds. It’s weather conditions like this that make you take stock of all the many things that can go airborne on a farm. We often save up the scrap metal and what some people would call “Spring cleaning”until our busy season is over.
It’s that time! We’ve been doing some cleaning and clearing. First of all a big thank you goes out to workshare member Jason Sylvester  and Cassie Shoup who have been incredible with tree removal. How fortunate we are to have a “tree guy” as a workshare member!  Workshare member Jon Kasitz also wields a mean chain saw! We have removed that one fallen tree as well as a bunch of evergreens that all succumbed to early death due to an insect infestation. When we moved here close to 30 years ago there were many evergreens around the houses that all were about 10 feet tall. We have taken down a few over the years and the ones that remain are now 40 to 50 feet tall . Some of them are not as healthy as they used to be. So, the landscape and skyline is changing a bit around here. The plan is to plant some smaller flowering trees in the Spring.
We’re keeping up our strength by eating lots of our delicious root crops and greens!
Farmer Karen