Falll is here!

The apples are all picked and in cold storage. We’ve had our first killing frost back on Oct.12th. The frost killed the last of the peppers, eggplant and tomatillos but we anticipated this so we hustled like crazy to pull the remaining fruits so they wouldn’t be lost to the cold. As a result we have these items that we can continue to offer in the csa shares although they are smaller in size than we put in the summer share boxes.
Many of the Fall leafy greens are ready now and there will continue to be new and different things in the shares each week.
The frequent rains and wet soil conditions have proven troublesome. Wet conditions hamper harvest and cultivation activities. We’ve learned to accept that Mother Nature is not always predictable or on the same schedule that we would like. We’re the ones that need to adapt and work around the weather conditions. This is also a big part of eating locally and seasonally. The carrots and other root crops are dirtier than they might be in a drier year. We hate to see our fine farm soil leaving along with the bags of carrots and other root vegetables but hope everyone understands that a bit of extra washing is needed as a result of the wet weather conditions.
We’re busy preparing for the end of one season and are well in to preparations for next year. As the weather permits we spread our wonderful compost on the fields and till it in. This is followed by various covercrops that are planted to hold the soil from eroding and enhance the soils nutrients and general health. It’s all about the health of the soil around here! We hope that everyone is the healthier for eating our produce. Fresh, local, lovingly grown and packed with nutrition-what can be better?
Thanks for caring where your food comes from!
Farmer Karen