Farm Show and more!

We started January off with an outing to the Pa. Farm Show in Harrisburg. Work share members Mary Ann, Denise, Jean, Mike and I all took a day for a farm filled outing and helped by volunteering to serve apple cider and apple dumplings at the Fruit Growers food booth. The proceeds from the booth go to apple research which is much appreciated since there have been so many cut backs in ag. funding recently. We especially enjoyed walking around the show visiting with the chickens, baby piggies and checking out the alternative energy booths in the trade show area. I highly recomend  everyone visit the Pa Farm Show next year and be sure to have some cider and a dumpling while you’re there.
The weather has been pretty good so far for pruning in the apple orchard so we have been pruning away. Pruning the apple orchard can take up much of our winter. We usually spend four or five hours a day working on this activity when the weather permits. Winter attire is a must! There are days you might not even recognize us in our multiple layers of clothing. We have lots and lots of prunings on the ground awaiting a stick picking up party. We will collect them and move them over to our bonfire location. For all of you who have been to the csa end of season bonfire celebration this is where it all started.
Afternoons, evenings and inclement weather are spent in the office planing for next season. After spending the mornings in the orchard I especially appreciate working in the office next to a nice warm fire in the wood burning stove.
Farmer Karen