It’s Greening Up!

Wow! Twenty degrees warmer than normal temperatures leads to a quick green up! Now that we got a bit of rain the flowers, grass and everything else are really growing rapidly. The peach orchard is in full bloom and is absolutely stunning.

Our small greenhouse is at capacity with young seedlings getting off to a fine start. We needed to move the many lettuces,spinach, onions, boc chois, cabbages and kales out to the big plastic greenhouse in order to make more room for the next go round of seeds to sow.. Already some of these same young seedlings have made the additional step out to the transplant wagon so they can harden off a bit before being planted to the field. We expect to transplant them to the field this week if the conditions are suitable.
It’s good to have some rain. We just don’t want a whole lot at one time. The forecast is for hit and miss showers and maybe a thunderstorm this weekend. It’s a bit odd to think of the possibility of thunderstorms in March. In anticipation we rehooked the big water tanks up that are at the side of the barn so as to capture the rain water. We can capture and retain about 1,500 gallons in these two tanks and another 600gals in some smaller barrels under a bench in the greenhouse. This is a beautiful sustainable design. The barrels under the greenhouse bench act like a big heat sink that slowly can release heat throughout the evening helping to warm the plant roots and minimize the need for supplemental heat. This water can be used in watering the seedlings and also the red raspberries in our red raspberry high tunnel. Once the tanks are near full I’m ready for sunshine to dry everything off ! I would also prefer seasonable temperatures so I don’t have to worry that everything has to happen at exactly the same time. Lots and lots to do down on the farm.
Farmer Karen