mmm- The fruits of summer!

So much- so good!  It’s hard to know where to start eating!  My Sunday morning was spent out in the orchard followed by a respite on the front porch with something to read, a cup of coffee and some great fruits for breakfast. The cantaloupes and watermelon are fantastic and so are the peaches and apples that I brought back from the orchard to trial for ripeness. This is truly the sweet taste of summer!  Our motto is “taste the difference!” – and I believe it.
One of our workshare members just texted me ” I just ate the best peach I’ve ever eaten in my life”. I think it’s all the love that goes into everything we do here[not to mention the sunshine, rain and our great compost]. It all translates to great flavor. We really are what we eat!
Here’s a photo of some of the wonderful people who are behind the scenes producing all this good food. Everyone is sampling and comparing various watermelon varieties. Tough job huh?  Actually we just picked a whole truck load of melons in the rain. The forecast was for a substantial rainfall. Too much rain all at once could swell the fruit up so much that they could crack and spoil. So it rained while we harvested. It ended up being a nice welcome rain but not excessive. Wouldn’t you know it, it stopped raining and the sun came out when we completed the harvest. Not what we expected at all. Good reason to celebrate with a watermelon snack!
Farmer Karen