Preparing for Sandy’s Arrival

At first it seemed like a bunch of hype but we figured this storm would at the very least bring us a couple inches of rain. That alone would be a couple of inches more then we need right now. We  stepped up the pace and with the help of all  of our wonderful workshare members and some really great volunteers from Vanguard we got all the carrots dug and a lot of the parsnips before the rain started. It’s hard to know if it is better to have the leafy greens in the cooler or in the ground during a big rain and blow. We decided to split the difference. We harvested ahead of time many things and covered others with a row crop cover. Why does it always seem to get super windy right after we roll out the row crop cover? Twenty mile per hour winds will surely shred the covers but sinse we are reusing some from another crop that already saw the same fate it seemed worthwhile to minimize erosion, and mud splash. Here’s to hoping we won’t find the peach trees wrapped in a thin white cloth called row crop cover when this is all over with.
We spend all day Saturday moving things that might take off in the wind or would not take to being soaked with water. The greenhouses are always of chief concern as is the top- heavy mobile chicken coop.
On my walk back from closing the door to the chicken coop this eve I can’t help but wonder what things will look like in a day or two after inches of  rain and the 50 mile per hour winds that are expected.
I’ll write a blog post when Sandy has moved on out. Hope everyone else remains safe and dry!
Farmer Karen