Is it Spring already? It couldn’t be more beautiful for mid March! Not at all like the last couple of years at this time.I sure didn’t miss hauling water to our free ranging chickens this winter! That was enormous chore the last couple of winters due to all the freezing temps. Come to mention it I also thoroughly enjoyed the break from snow too!

We have started many seedlings in the greenhouse a bit early this year and have gotten a head start in turning some of the growing fields as well. Usually in the Spring  we have to wait for the soil to dry out enough to do the initial plowing and even then might have only a short window of time before the next rain. This year we are holding off on preping fields not because of the weather but because we are waiting for some of the fields that were planted to cover crops last Fall to make additional growth.The many geese that call this farm home have almost demolished a few of the late sown [to cover crops] fields so it is good to see the rye grass greening up and speeding up growth to out compete the geese. The cover crops are a big part of our fertility program and though I would rather not have all these geese I realize that they are making their own contributions to crop fertility. We’ll need to discourage them before the food crops get going or I’m sure they’ll eat them too.

We have quite a few rows of onions planted and the garlic that was planted last Fall is looking great and making some speedy growth. We might even have to water them soon if it doesn’t rain in the near future.

As beautiful as the warm temps are it will make it challenging to prune the peaches in the allotted time. This is a big job and now there are many additional tasks to do because of the accelerated season. That’s farming for you-every year is a different story! Thankfully we have enough years experience by now to be pretty good at the bob and weave that keeps us all on our toes.
Farmer Karen