The Season Keeps Moving On

Peach and melon harvest have come to a conclusion. Tomatoes are now past peak production. Lots of peppers[including some wonderful sweet red and yellow ones], eggplant, okra, tomatillos and beans yet to come. Lots of root vegetables will be ready shortly or in weeks to come. The winter squash vines are beginning to die back revealing the fruits that up until now have been hiding under dense foliage.

We’ve been waiting for the temperatures to cool off a tad in order to sow some of the Fall greens. A lot of these crops will not germinate[or worse yet- will germinate poorly] if the soil temperatures are too warm. There are year’s when we have these crops sown by mid August but this year due to the hot weather it is the tail end of August and the beginning of Sept. In addition to the direct sown crops we have also sown many crops such as head lettuce and some boc chois  in the greenhouse. These have the potential of growing into wonderful full size heads but the down side is we will need to spend the time[ at a very busy time of the year]to transplant them to the field.

The apples are ripening up and look pretty good although the harvest is about two weeks early as have been the other tree crops this year. We’re scrambling to clear the zone around the apple sorter so we can get started washing apples. Our barn is so small for all the actions going on at any given time! We’ve taken some time to put wheels on a few more of the pieces of packing equipment. This will give the ability to roll some pieces to the side temporarily allowing us to maximize the space task by task. Sometimes you rejoice in the simple things in life -like wheels on equipment and cooler weather to work in!

So, we realize this is a time of transition for many family’s as they send the kids off to school. For the farm it is a transition from Summer to early Fall. For all of us seasonal eaters it’s the beginning of a food  transition too!

Farmer Karen