Tuck some of summer’s abundance away for the winter!

So many fruits and vegetables! The weather is beginning to shift to cooler nights and who isn’t happy about the return to mid eighty degrees for the high temps. Daylight is arriving quite noticeably later now. The plants also respond to cooler temps and the shorter days. We’re past the peak of melons, watermelons, tomatoes,sweet corn and peaches. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the maturation of some really great sweet red peppers and apple harvest. Now’s the time to “put up” a few things for those winter months when all this great produce is just a warm memory. It’s easy enough to freeze some pesto, tomatoes and peppers for some great winter soups. Freeze a quantity of peaches now for delicious smoothies later. Now is the time! If anyone would like to tap into our #2 [less then perfect] produce give us an email or call.You can get a great deal and have all this goodness through out the winter months! Farmer Karen