We’re Working on the Holiday


Last weeks’ rain put us behind on the ability to plant many of the young seedlings that have been growing in the greenhouse.So, no time to rest on our laurels and no time to take Holiday-not at planting time. Nothing quite beets consecutive plantings that all come ready at the same time. That’s not the plan but it’s what happens when one planting can’t get in the ground due to the weather and then the next planting is also ready to plant.  For instance we like to have  three consecutive melon plantings spaced each 2 weeks apart. Nobody wants to have 6 melons all ripe and ready to eat all in the same week and then none the next. That scenario can also lead to many sore farmer backs and a cooler that is overflowing.
Each day last week looked like it would open up in a shower at any time. I feel very fortunate that we only lost a couple of days due to the rain. Many of the rain storms thankfully went around us.  Fine thing when there is so much planting and hoeing to do. Vegetables and weeds alike are growing at a very fast clip now that the nights and daytime temperatures are warm.
I had the most incredible salad tonight! Fresh and Tasty- makes you want to sing!
Farmer Karen