What’s up on the farm- January 22nd

December came and went all too fast. Time was spent working on the new website,planning for next season,preparing for market, marketing our products in the outdoor courtyard of the Brandywine River Museum and much mechanical work. We had intended to spread compost under the orchards before we got into freezing, inclement winter weather. That is, until our skid steer[the all important piece of equipment that loads the spreader] decided to throw a piston.Like much of the equipment on the farm it is elderly and well seasoned. It had gone off in late summer to have an extended stay in a mechanics shop to have the cooling and electrical systems worked on.It was working great and we had just announced how wonderful it was running when the engine went. We are at least the second owners of this machine so like with any mechanical thing where you don’t know its’ history- stuff can happen. We quickly became aware that our manuals and schematic drawings for the skid steer did not apply to this engine. The former owners had apparently replaced the engine with one that was out of another tractor or ag. piece of equipment. It was reason for much consternation but after a lot of effort we figured out what we had and that parts were still available for it.
The big plastic greenhouse is a lovely place to work in the winter[when the sun shines]. It’s like a little trip to Florida to be inside where it’s warm even though it can be quite cold out. This is a fine thing when the alternative is to do mechanical work is in a unheated barn space in the winter. Anyway, weeks later and many hours of delicate work later it’s all back together and running like a champ! Many, many thanks to our good and talented friend Sonny!  If you’re at the farm when he’s there too please be sure to give him a warm greeting. We have so many wonderful people connected with us here at the farm – this is the community part of Community Supported Agriculture!
December is a time to give thanks for so many reasons.
Farmer Karen