Is Tomorrow the Day?

We’re hoping tomorrow is the big day when we finally get our “blessed forklift” back on the job!  It decided to go on strike sometime in Dec and we have been fiddling with it ever since [thankfully, not non-stop]. I have to admit we had additional names for it during all the frustrating hours spent working on it. It’s clearly a “vintage” piece of machinery but enough for our needs if it would only be reliable  We need it functioning to acess all the wonderful pallet shelving that we’ve installed in the barn so as to maximize  storage capabilities. It’s amazing how much stuff is utilized in our farming operation! Sometimes things are only needed for a month or two out of the year and then we’d like to move them up onto the shelving to make room for the next project. In the background of this photo are some of the various pieces of the new cooler we’re constructing. The forklift would be mighty handy with this project! Let’s see if new ignition parts gets it purring again.