Snow, snow and more snow!

Farmer Karen’s Winter Update

It isshovel finally melting! I am so weary of the endless hours of snow plowing, snow shoveling and staying up snowy nights to monitor the heaters in the greenhouses to melt the snow off the plastic structures. I have spent too many nights where I’ve strapped on a pair of snow shoes to plod out to the houses to make sure everything is okay. I sure don’t want to wake up some morning to find our greenhouses crushed under the weight of wet heavy snow!

I know everyone is looking forward to seeing the ground again—we are all dreaming of Spring. Paging through seed catalogs has helped keep our spirits up.

Here at the farm we’re deep into planning and prepping for the upcoming growing year. Kate has selected many fun new vegetables and flowers for us to grow and enjoy this year. I must admit I am especially looking forward to the smell of the greenhouse full of plants, sunshine and warmth!

See you soon!
Farmer Karen