Welcome Spring!

wagon.jpgI detect just a hint of green to the grassy areas around the houses and in the pasture surrounding the pond. The weather has continued to seesaw but surely we are finally done with Winter. Now we’re making tracks to get everything in order before the warm weather gets here and our work days get exponentially longer. We’re spending a lot of time these days in the greenhouses! The small greenhouse that is attached to the barn is overflowing, and we have begun to expand operations to the big plastic house that is just behind the barn.

Getting water to the greenhouses for our new seedlings is always a chore in the beginning of the season.  We start planting things when the temps are still freezing and the water to the barn is still shut off to avoid frozen pipes. I’ve carried more than my share of buckets of water to the greenhouse (and to the chickens) this year! Now that it has warmed up a bit, we have redirected the downspout back into the big green tank at the corner of the barn so that we can catch the runoff from the barn roof. This tank of water is great for watering all our little seedlings and sure beats hauling buckets! When we are convinced that Spring is really here, we can open up all our water lines again. Yet another reason for a Springtime happy dance!

The apple orchard is all pruned and most of the brush has been moved to the area that will be this year’s end of CSA season bonfire. Lots of snowy, windy days have been spent on that hill! Next we will move on to pruning the peach orchard, blackberries and red raspberries. It is a bit of a sprint to finish these tasks in time to begin the field work. We hope to have not too many rainy days that might delay our progress!

It is good to feel the ever warming sun and we are all so grateful to put a long hard Winter behind us! Welcome sweet Spring, welcome!
— Farmer Karen