Did you get to come to our Open House?

I hope you did.

I hope you got to walk the fields and orchards with Karen and see where your food is going to grow. I hope you hung out in the barn and tasted and re-tasted all the unique and seasonal and delicious snacks that were there. I hope you met people. I hope you met the workers and other CSA members and the animals. I hope you made cool prints on magic paper from leaves and flowers pulled from the ground around us.

Open House 2016And I hope it made you happy.

I hope it made you grateful to be connected to such a feel-good community. I hope it made you see what kinds of people and food and happiness are a part of Vollmecke Orchards. And I hope it made you want to be part of this CSA forever!

The thing that happens at the Open House is that all of the great aspects of the farm are on display. Admittedly, sometimes when I come to pick up my share during the season, I treat it like a quick trip to the store; I run into the shed, grab what I came to get, and run out towards my next errand. I don’t always have the time to chat with the members, to talk to Karen about the food she grew for me, to go see what other products she has in the barn. But the Open House reminds me of the whole picture of the CSA. The big, colorful, meaningful, feel-good picture. So I hope you were there. I hope you saw everything and signed up to be a member. It was a great, great day.