About Us

At Vollmecke Orchards, You Can Taste the
Difference!first peppers

At Vollmecke Orchards, we grow high-quality, wholesome food, harvested at peak ripeness and flavor.  To us, the word quality means produce rich in flavor and high in nutritional content. How it is raised and how it tastes (though not necessarily a perfect appearance) are what matter to us. Think of those beautiful, yet absolutely tasteless tomatoes and peaches you can buy in the grocery store…we aim for food that is beautiful AND delicious. We grow our vegetables naturally, without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms or sewage sludge. Sweet corn is the one exception. We might use herbicides, insecticides or fungicides in our sweet corn fields if we deem it necessary to produce a good crop. We have a deep respect for our land and want to do everything we can to preserve and nurture it.

In our orchards, we practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management), a system that allows us to identify and target which pests are a problem, and use the least toxic control possible to deal with the issue. We use our own compost extensively in growing our fruits and vegetables. Soil health and fertility is further enhanced through the use of diverse cover cropping throughout the farm.

We strongly believe that consumers have the right to a clean food source that enhances not only their own health, but that of the environment. Having a direct connection to the people who grow their food and the land where it is grown spawns a healthy, respectful view of our place on this earth. Our CSA members and customers know they can count on us to bring lots of variety and a sense of adventure into their lives with delicious, whoesome food fresh from the fields. We offer real food grown in a manner that enlivens our bodies while supporting a healthy environment.

We have made the conscious decision not to seek organic certification at this time. For now, certification is an unnecessary expense for both us as farmers as well as our members/customers. We encourage everyone to have a relationship with the people who grow their food and the land that supports us all!

We are proud of our long-term relationship with the Chester County Food Bank and the assistance we provide to our community. Our farm was recently recognized by the Chester County Board of Commissioners for the more than 50,000 pounds of produce that we have donated over the last 26 years. We are all about community!