Thanksgiving. Part 2.

After Thanksgiving...

After Thanksgiving…

Does your fridge look like this? (Ignore the Eggnog; it’s my husbands and it’s inexplicable). If it doesn’t, that means you either had a really relaxing or really disappointing Thanksgiving. Mine was neither…it was a lot of prep, a lot of cooking, and a lot of clean up. It was also A LOT of really great food. My Thanksgiving share set me up for a stellar meal. And for a Tetris game of leftovers in my fridge. So today I offer you some helpful, delicious, and creative ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers, because another plate of Thursday fare gets old by Friday night.


I honestly eat just as many if not more vegetables at breakfast than I do at the other meals of the day. Hashes, omelets, frittatas, etc., are regular fare over here. So Thanksgiving leftovers are a gift for the breakfast hungry people like me.

  • make a “nest” of mashed potatoes (mine featured caramelized onions and roasted garlic) on a cookie sheet, place a happy hen egg in the hole, and bake until you egg is your desired firmness. Sprinkle some great salt or fresh herbs.
  • sauté your leftover green salad (mine was kale, beets, carrots, and edamame) until hot and tender and then top with a sunny side up happy hen egg (with some sausage on the side if you’re feeling crazy like I was).
  • add your Brussels sprouts or green beans or other veggie side to your omelet.
  • add grated apples to your sweet potatoes and fry as “pancakes.”



  • add turkey and veggies to spinach or kale for a salad
  • paninis with turkey, cranberry sauce (or Vollmecke’s pumpkin butter!), cheese, and greens


  • Turkey pot pie with carrots, bok choy in place of celery, and of course turkey.
  • Shepherd’s pie with leftover mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes on top.

These are obviously throw together, dump what you have in your fridge type of meals, but this is the joy of so many leftovers. All the cooking we did on Wednesday and Thursday is deducted from the cooking we have to do this week!

I am so thankful for Karen and my Vollmecke CSA for all they did to make my Thanksgiving, my year, and my life so full of good food and good feelings. I hope your weekend was great and we’ll be back here soon talking about Vollmecke and winter: an unexpectedly perfect pair!

Let’s talk about eggs for a second, can we?

My kids and the Red Girls and Roosty. The highlight of the farm to them!

My kids and the Red Girls and Roosty. The highlight of the farm to them!

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been a part of the Vollmecke farm family for 7 years now. There has definitely been a learning curve along the way. How to store things, how to cook things, how to identify things once I put them in an unlabeled plastic bag in my crisper drawer. I’ve figured a lot out. I’ll probably share a lot about these learning experiences on this blog over the next little while. But I am embarrassed to say that I have learned one of the simplest and most valuable lessons just this season. This is what I now know that I feel strongly you must understand ASAP:

Like everything else at the farm, Happy Hen Eggs taste better than grocery store eggs.

That’s all. Breaking news, I know.

Would you like to know how I figured it out? I start eating a lot of eggs. Like, every morning. With the yolks. This was a revolutionary thing in my life that really doesn’t matter to you except it means I started caring how good my eggs tasted. And THEN, there was the nationwide “egg crisis” (I will save you from a tangent about my feelings on national food crises–that’s for a different blog with a different purpose) that made me start paying attention to how much I spend on eggs and the quality of those eggs.

All these things together meant that for the first time ever, I starting buying eggs at the farm. And this is what I immediately found out: THEY ARE SO GOOD. They have deep yellow yolks that are like liquid gold when you break them open into your sautéed veggies and sweet potatoes. They are so full of flavor and health. And I’m not going to lie…I love the brown ones with speckles. They are so cute! Did you know that the brown eggs come from the brownish-reddish chickens (“the Red Girls”) and the white eggs come from the white chickens (you guessed it, “The White Girls”)??

The other thing I love about the Happy Hen Eggs? That I can go and visit the glamour girls themselves and see the scraps they’re pecking on. I’ve been there on many mornings when Farmer Karen has taken melons or greens or tomatoes to feed those sweet chickens. I can go and see them hopping in and out of their little house whenever they damn well please. And my kids LOVE going to visit the ladies. And we can all see how happy they are when we stop by. Except when Rowdy Roosty Rooster is getting into their business. You can tell they’re each hoping he chooses someone else to dance with 😉

Winter orders are starting soon. Do yourself a flavor favor and get some eggs. And then make yourself a hash of potatoes and veggies, toss in some greens, and add an egg on top. Forget wheaties; this is my champion breakfast.