It’s almost time!!



Fiddle HeadsThe season of farm fresh food is getting closer and closer, I can feel it in the air. Really, it’s the air that tips me off. My morning runs are starting to have the companionship of the barely rising sun. The air is crisp in the morning and warm by noon.  I can smell the best air smells of the whole year: the fresh cut grass, the blossoming trees, bushes, and







ferns and flowers. I can smell the mulch and compost that is helping it all along.  The air says “the earth is growing things.  Take a deep breath and notice.”

The farm is about five miles from my house. Not close enough to smell it but close enough to tell myself that it’s basically my backyard garden. So at this stage of the season I’m mostly dreaming and hoping about all that it will be this year. Ohhhhh I am hoping it is going to be a great peach year — I know Jeff is tending to the orchards, keeping them protected from the bugs that are always scheming. Karen has nearly perfected the covering the greens technique that has made spinach and bok choy and lettuce so beautiful and delicious. I can see in my minds eye all the baby growths in the greenhouse that will be transplanted soon. I hope there are summer squash really early and stay really late because I love them in pretty much everything.

I’m ready for salads. I’m ready for real spinach in my eggs in the morning instead of grocery store spinach. I’m ready to hang out in the barn and visit the chickens and make impulse buys of bread and cheese. I’m ready to plan my menus from the Farm’s emails and all that they promise. I’m ready to be at the farm and smell all the air that is there and full of life and energy and growth and love.