What’s New This Year?

We’re experimenting with new varieties of melons, peppers and leafy greens this year.

We have expanded payment options. We hope that our expanded payment options make CSA membership more accessible for all. You may choose to make a lump sum payment or multiple payments. You can also choose to pay by cash, personal check, Dwolla, or credit card.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our CSA.

Why Sign-up Now?

By signing up for our CSA now, you can help us with our planning, AND save a few dollars. If you sign up on or before March 1st, you can save up to $45 on your membership price. When you pay your membership in full, you will avoid the $25 administrative fee that’s associated with multiple payments (made by check.) If you sign up on or before March 1st you will receive the early sign-up discount price. Your early membership saves your farmers time and effort by allowing us to do our planning now, and our growing in the spring!

As a further enticement to join early, the first 50 people to sign-up will be placed in a drawing for a free Juicer!  (But Sorry, workshare members are not eligible).