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What to expect on Pickup Day

Whether it is your first time picking up, or you are a seasoned pro, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our pickup routine. Things may have changed.

All Pickup Sites
A weekly email reminder will be sent the day before your pickup. We will give you an approximation of what will be in your shares and perhaps some recipes or storage tips, and any other information that may be relevant that week.
Park where indicated. 
Check Swap Box before leaving if you wish to customize your share. You may exchange an item from your share for one of equal value. 
Check the blog or the email reminder for current recipes.

Farm Pickup 
Pull into the driveway and follow to the left to the parking area. Please be conscious to not block the access way so others may also enter. To exit, continue driving along the access road to the exit.  This has the best visibility and is the safest way to return to Cedar Knoll Road.

Bring bags or a basket to take your share home in. 
Please do not forget to check your name off on the clipboard so that we are aware that you have picked up your share.
Check the chalk board to see what is in your share and possible choices.
Please be respectful of other people picking up. Some folks might want some personal space. Also, please minimize handling of produce choices. The farm will likely pre-bag a number of items just to minimize contamination risk.

Co-Op Site Pickup  and Off-Site pickup
Please remember that the co-op site is at your host’s private home, and be mindful of pickup times and parking. Please contact your host directly if you are going to be late for your pick up in extenuating circumstances. 

Please check your name off on the clipboard when you pick up your share so that we know that you have received it. 

All shares are pre-packed  in brown paper bags.  They are labeled with a large colored letter to indicate the size share.

Since the shares are pre-packed, when we offer a choice of produce, approximately half the shares will be packed with one produce item and the remainder with the other choice. Do not remove produce from other members’ bags. 
If you purchased an egg share, please check the list on the egg cooler to make sure you are getting eggs and what size carton. If you do not see your name on the list, please do not take eggs.

Don’t forget to check the Swap Box! You may exchange one item in your share for an item of equal value in the box.

What if I Can’t Pickup My Share?
Please email us as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours in advance, if you cannot pick up your share. Once your share is packed and delivered, we cannot replace it or redeliver it another day. If you let us know ahead of time, you have several choices:

Ask a friend or relative to pick up for you.
Defer your share until the end of the season.
Ask us if either the farm or site host will donate it for you

CSA Pick up

The Farm, Coateseville

 Tuesdays - 3-7pm

Retail Market

-During the Growing Season-

Tuesday: 3pm - 7pm​​

​Saturday: 10:30am - 1:30pm

-Winter Hours-

1st & 3rd Saturdays

Dec thru May

10:30pm - 12:30pm

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