What's New this Year?

The biggest new news is that we have finally for filled our dream of getting a deer fence put up.  This is a real game changer for our growth and protection of crops.  In all our years of farming, we have lost a tremendous amount of our product to deer.  They looked at us for fine dining experiences and boy did they. 

We are also redoing the retail store.  A lot of color has been added, new signs have gone up (with the hope of making our produce prices more visible) as we are working to make it a enjoyable destination.

Also in the 2019 season, we added a quarter acre  asparagus bed.  For the upcoming season we will be able to harvest a small portion.  Peak harvesting will come in the 2021 season.  Something to look forward to. 

The blueberries got a huge overhaul with 100 plus new plants and reorganization of the old plants.  Again, this is a crop that will take some time to establish and reach full capacity.

We continue to add to our perennial crops with the knowledge that we are planning for our future as they will take time to establish.

We’re experimenting with new varieties of melons, peppers and leafy greens this year. We are also expanding our sweet corn growing this year!


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