Composting has long been an important part of the growing system at Vollmecke Orchards & CSA. The Vollmeckes first started experimenting with making compost in 1989, using materials found on the farm such as fruit and vegetable waste, grass clippings, and leaves. The finished product was used then, as it is now, to aid in the production of our fruit and vegetable crops. The compost has been a fantastic aid in adding nutrients to the soil and improving soil structure. 

We produce enough compost for our farm as well as to sell to fellow farmers and gardeners interested in improving their soil.

Compost is available on a retail and wholesale basis most years. We are working on establishing new compost and will update the site when this is done.  It may be purchased by bag or truck load, when available. Please phone (610) 383-4616 or email.


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