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Make Hay While the Sun Shines... because sometimes it hails!!!

Much of farming is doing as much planning and prep work as you can, when you can, because you never know what the weather and so many other variables will bring. I have been volunteering as a workshare member at the farm for more than 15 years and I could not tell you what a "normal" year is. So you take advantage of favorable condtions when you can and do the best with what you got when conditions are "less than ideal"

So a weeks or so ago one of Karen's farming neighbors took advantage of the sunshine and literally "made hay" from the grasses at Vollmecke Farm.

Conditions were good for haying and they made short work mowing and baling.

Dry conditions are good for haying, but unfortunately the fields haven't seen much rain at all, in the last month, which means hand watering and setting up irrigation lines where we can. And as Karen put it in her update this week - a little help from the heavens would be so appreciated.

Hail was not what we were looking for from the skies, however!!! Tuesday evening brought a pop-up storm, delivering a little rain but also pea-size hail!!!

BTW - That second photo isn't a goat.

The crops in the fields will be assessed in the coming days for damage - we'll be hoping for the best. Luckily the CSA tarp and the Hightunnels (the grow houses behind the Barn) appear to have survived intact.

We'll keep looking for some help from above, but do the best with what we have. Everyday brings a new adventure, opportunities and challenges - just a "normal" day at the Farm.

Hopefully the Tuesday Farm pick-up members are enjoying their first taste of the farm. The Bottle Room members start this Thursday. Looks for some recipes to pop up here in the next day or so to help with ideas on using some of those less common crops - Rhubarb Bars are a rite of spring in our household, and pea tendrils are a fun spring crop you just aren't going to find in your supermarket.

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